Tell us your favorite medieval novels & be entered to win a personally autographed copy of one!

Good morrow to you!
       Come and share your favorite medieval novels.  Be they romance, mystery, history or inspirational, you’re invited to share why they laid seige to your reading pleasure.  Keep in mind the time line: 476AD through 1603AD.  A little outside the Middle Ages time line, I know, but we do love our Tudors! 
        By sharing, you are automatically entered to win a personally autographed copy from the author of your favorite medieval novel.
        I just finished Lady of the Roses by Sandra Worth and totally recommend it.  During the War of the Roses Isabel of Ingoldesthorpe (a Lancaster) and John Neville (a York) are in love and, in a weak moment of  wanting to ‘see love rewarded’ Queen Marguerite of England allows them to marry.  It’s a beautiful story of romance, intrigue and the unstable world they lived in.  Oh, did I mention, it’s all true–these were real people!
      Let’s get started!  I’m looking forward to hearing what your favorites are.

Your faithful scribe, Linda

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