Author Kathleen Givens passed away

Dear friends,

I just heard that author Kathleen Givens passed away on Jan 1st.  If you don’t know her Scottish romance books I invite you to discover them.   Once you start reading you’ll be hooked.  Medievals have lost a great writer.

I met Kathleen at a Scottish festival this past May.  She’s the reason I started thinking seriously about bringing The Medieval Chronicle to the web because when I introduced myself to her she knew who I was!  I couldn’t believe it as I had stopped publishing TMC’s hard copy in 1995. 

Kathleen, may God’s grace surround you all at this time
and in the months ahead.
I will miss your warm and inviting smile
when next I go to a Scottish festival.

your faithful scribe, Linda

One Response to “Author Kathleen Givens passed away”

  1. Mary M Says:

    My heart aches at hearing this news…..I was fortunate to meet her a few years ago at a Scottish festival, too. Her warmth, smile and eagerness to tell me a story behind the publication of her Kilgannon series, will alway remain with me.

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