Historical Websites of Interest

Good morrow to you all!

I confess–I’m not very good at blogging.  But I have a feeling you’ve already guessed that!  Posting something everyday that you the Blog reader will want to read is not easy for me.  But I’m going to get better.  Or, crash and burn trying!!!

When I don’t want to work I tend to Google historical websites on the medieval period.  Not always a good thing because there are 100s of them.   Who has 24/7 to read each and everyone?  Not me!  So when I run across one that I’ve found interesting I’m going to pass along the website’s URL. 

Let’s start with the Historical Novel Society.   I just joined and am very excited with what the Historical Novel Society has to offer.  HNS isn’t just for authors, but it’s for anyone who loves historical fiction.  You’ll find like-minded people who are as passionate about your particular time period as you are.   Click here to take a look and check it out http://www.historicalnovelsociety.org/ 

I have a long, long list of historical websites so this should be an easy Blogging topic for me.

until next time,
your favorite Scribe, Linda

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