Realm Magazine – Historical magazine/website of interest

Good morrow to you!

I have been a subscriber to Realm magazine for longer than I can remember.  Not until 1984 did I realize it was called Heritage magazine in the UK.  It was on my first trip to the UK and I was devouring Heritage magazine on a bus ride from London to the Lake District. (Why wasn’t I looking out the windows at the scenery, you may ask?  The bus driver maneuvering the narrow winding roads was causing a wee bit of havoc to  my senses!)  Thinking that I must surely be psychic because all the articles seemed so familiar, I decided to read the publication column to see who published Heritage.  Mystery solved!  Heritage and Realm are one and the same.  I had read Realm in the states before I left for the UK.  But I digress…

The Realm website is at 

Enjoy! from your faithful Scribe, Linda

One Response to “Realm Magazine – Historical magazine/website of interest”

  1. Mary M Says:

    Realm is a wonderful magazine! I, too, have been a subscriber for over ten years. When I went to England and Scotland last year, I packed two Realm magazines. Of course, my husband thought I was crazy to pack them, but he actually was glad that I brought something of great interest to read on the plane….of course I did bring two books, too! LOL!

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