Herbs ~ A Website of Interest

Happy March 1st!

Where did January and February go?  I know, just about everyone says something like this but…  I’m in the process of job hunting and looking to make a major move so it seems that time is not just flying by–it’s a bullet train!  Slowing down and giving me time to catch my breath a wee bit would be nice!!!  But I digress…

I have a great website for you today.  It comes from a favorite cozy mystery author of mine (no, not medieval mysteries).  Her website, All About Thyme, is a weekly calendar “celebrating the mysteries, magic and myths of herbs”.  I invite you to visit at http://www.abouthyme.com/dayletters/100301.html .

Enjoy! from your faithful Scribe, Linda
Publisher & Web Master of http://www.themedievalchronicle.com/

One Response to “Herbs ~ A Website of Interest”

  1. Mary M Says:

    Ooooooh, I love the “China Bayles” series by Susan! Another great site to add to my favorites! Also, I have an ever growing herb garden, too!

    Thanks Linda!

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