Medieval Taxes ~ Website of Interest

Good even to you!

I did it!  Got my 2009 taxes done and I’m even getting refunds. YEA!  While procrastinating my impending doom I started thinking about our medieval ancestors (medieval England in particular) and what they had to face regarding taxes.  Not a pretty site.  Here’s a link that gives a brief history of Taxation in Medieval England. 

The Peasants’ Revolt in June 1381 came to mind.  For them, taxes could—and were—levied any time the King decided he wanted money.  Visit  to read about what the peasants wanted, what they did and what their revolt got them. 

As the saying goes: Only two things are certain: Taxes and death.  I’m so glad that this year my ‘impending doom’ turned out to be an ‘unexpected revelation’. 

Have a nice day tomorrow from your Faithful Scribe, Linda
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