Medieval Bestiary ~ The legend of Pangur Pan the cat

Good eventide to you all!

It’s been a week of unpacking and settling in to our new home.  Gabriel, my cat, has been a wonderful help.  He’s quite an inquisitive soul and likes to follow me around and inspect all that I do when he’s not catching up on his many cat naps!  While going through some papers I came across the poem Pangur Pan.  It’s a poem written by a ninth century monk about himself and his cat.  If you haven’t read it please do by going to 
Enjoy! from your Faithful Scribe, Linda
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One Response to “Medieval Bestiary ~ The legend of Pangur Pan the cat”

  1. Nela Leja Says:

    What a charming coincidence! I used to have this poem (or what I thought was the full poem) in a small frame hanging above my computer, because I loved the picture it evoked, of the writer alone in an isolated room, with the only night-sounds being of mice scrabbling behind the walls, and his companion cat on the prowl. It reminded me of an idyllic winter I spent in a snowbound, almost-wilderness cabin with my first portable word-processor.
    But then, about a year ago, after some construction next door that must have dislodged it, I discovered the frame was no longer in its place; and no amount of crawling behind my desk and searching behind the filing cabinet could produce it.
    Now, within the same week of coming across this site and reading the full version, I have discovered the frame: one of my cats must have used it as a football and sent it into my storage area. I realize now that I need a much larger frame (one that will give my cats pause for thought; how many times have I told them to play with their own toys?) before I can return the full version to its place above my computer. The hook there is still empty, waiting for its Pangur Ban. Thank you.

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