The Medieval Bestiary – Support their ancestors at The Animal Rescue Site

Good morrow to you all!

Let’s continue with our love of medieval bestiaries by supporting their ancestors.  Today I would ask you to go to a website that supports animal rescue.  It’s free to feed the animals that need rescuing. The sponsors of the site supply the food.   The site is The Animal Rescue Site and can be found at .   Healthy and happy animals are more likely to be adopted. 

Enjoy! and have a great day from your Faithful Scribe, Linda
Publisher of

One Response to “The Medieval Bestiary – Support their ancestors at The Animal Rescue Site”

  1. Nela Leja Says:

    Thank you for this link. I have bookmarked it and intend to make daily use of it, just as I do for
    Also, just to let you know in passing, I volunteer at a horse rescue stable every Tuesday morning and (in another coincidence from my other comment) just this past week had decided to ‘reward’ myself by reserving Tuesday afternoons to checking out your blog and exploring other internet sites on medieval and writingstuff. Today is the first day of doing this, so of course I had to comment on this particular item.
    Again in the coincidence realm, I chose a horse rescue stable because of one sentence from a Cecilia Holland book, I forget the title, about the wife of an Italian warlord, where she had a scene of two parties on horseback meeting at a crossroads and talking. And, in the middle of the dialogue, she wrote of one horse bending its head to rub its knee … and I realized there was a powerful lot of knowledge behind that single sentence, and I wanted some of it; but I had always been afraid of horses ever since I had been thrown as a child. However, an opportunity arose shortly afterwards (again, serendipidity — since I’m overusing the word ‘coincidence’) and I began to volunteer at a local stable, starting with scooping the poop and working my way up to administering medications. At some point, I may start to ride, but right now, I want to absorb as much lore about them and their ways so that I can transmit as easy a familiarity about them in my writings as Cecilia Holland has done in hers.

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