Herbs for Dyeing ~ Arts & Crafts Medieval Style

Good eventide to you!

In the Middle Ages herbs had many different uses (to season food, for medicine, keep cloths smelling good, keeps insects away, freshen rushes, etc) but for our purposes today we’re going to visit a website that tells how to use herbs to dye cloth.  Although I haven’t tried their suggestions, they sound easy enough and well worth the fun time you just may have.  Fair warning…  take care as the color may stay on the skin for a while!  Do visit http://gardening.about.com/od/herbsspecificplants1/a/Dye_Herbs.htm.  Another website that shows color variations is http://omved.com/our-products/vastra/herbs-we-use-to-dye-our-organic-fabric.   If you really want to get into the act here’s a website that tells you what herbs to grow: http://herbgardens.about.com/od/herbalgardendesign/a/Dyersherbs.htm.  You’ll also find lots of other suggestions pertaining to herbs used for dyeing.

I will confess that one of my dreams is to have an olde world herb garden.  Not only are they functional but they are pretty and can smell oh so nice!

Enjoy! from your Faithful Scribe, Linda
Publisher of www.TheMedievalChronicle.com

One Response to “Herbs for Dyeing ~ Arts & Crafts Medieval Style”

  1. Denise Domning Says:

    Hey, how interesting that you can connect Medieval life and Ayuvedic medicine. Natural is as natural does, I guess. Thanks!

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