Cooking ~ Medieval Style ~ A True Arts & Crafts

Good eventide to you all!

This week’s Arts & Crafts Medieval Style is all about cooking. I know, you really don’t think of cooking when you think of arts & crafts. But I do. You see, cooking isn’t exactly on my list of things I enjoy doing. In fact, I will avoid it if at all possible! Oh, I know how to cook and have been known to ‘invent’ my own recipes in the past and, to my surprise they were well received and have been asked for more than once over the years. But I digress… Cooking is indeed an art and the best chefs are true artists. Not just in cooking but in presentation. Want to have a cushy job for life? Be a cook who not only has a smooth running kitchen but one who can prepare a fantastic meal on short notice. Not to mention a banquet fit for a king and queen. Good medieval cooks were treasures and well respected within the household they served.

I’ve found two websites full of medieval recipes that have been converted for our modern day kitchen and supplies. You’ll also find menus. Do visit  and  and let me know what you think.

I must admit that looking for cooking websites of interest did indeed get me to thinking about cooking. Not the preparing side of cooking; the eating side!

Enjoy! from your Faithful Scribe, Linda
Publisher of

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