Herbs that can do-in fleas ~ Arts & Crafts Medieval Style

Good eventide to you!

This week’s Arts & Crafts Medieval Style truly did start out as a craft project but once I started looking for an easy-to-follow lavender wand website I was side tracked by lavender oil and its usage to get rid of fleas.  There was no turning back to the lavender wand.

There is a French medieval guidebook from 1393 entitled Le Menagier de Paris (The Goodman of Paris) that was written by a much older husband to his much younger wife to instruct her in the ways of running a household.  To get rid of fleas he writes “In summer, scatter the chamber with alder leaves and the fleas will get caught therein.  Item, I have heard tell that if at night you set one or two trenchers of bread covered with birdlime and put them about the chamber with a lighted candle set in the midst of each, the fleas will come and get stuck thereto.” 

Shall we all go and try the one that uses two trenchers?  I think not.  But I did find several websites that give lists of herbs and how to use them.  One is http://www.ehow.com/about_5383235_herbs-rid-fleas.html  and another one is http://www.ehow.com/how_4464826_use-lavender-repel-fleas.html .  Please note that there is a tip and a warning at the end of this article which states: Handle essential oils with caution as they are very strong and may irritate skin if spilled on it directly. 

I vote for the lavender as I love the smell but, alias, my roommate doesn’t like the smell so we will just have to go with one of the other remedies.  I can assure you it won’t be the trenchers!

I won’t say Enjoy! this time because—let’s face it—fleas are not an enjoyment.

From your Faithful Scribe, Linda

p.s. I almost forgot.  The lavender wand website is at http://www.gardengatemagazine.com/extras/62lavenderwand.php Enjoy!

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  1. herbs Says:

    Thankyou….very interesting

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