Phrases & Their Origins ~ Medieval Style

Good morrow to you all!

When I started this weekly blog I was thinking that it would be fun to share sayings that originated in the middle ages.  Which is still my intend but not in the way I had initially planned.  Why?  Because there are too many wonderful websites out there that are already doing just that!  Sooo…  instead of sharing one or two sayings each time I thought I would share websites and let you choose which sayings you would like to read about.

This week’s site is called Medieval Origins of Common Phrases and can be found at .   Here you’ll find only a few of the many that came from the middle ages but—if you’re like me—you may just be surprised to read the origin of a phrase or word you use all the time. 

For example…  “Damn it” is a phrase I rarely use.  Although, I will confess to using it just yesterday when a magnet fell off the kitchen counter and landed—corner side down—on my toe.  My somewhat rather loud (no, let’s face it, it was loud!) shout of “Damn it” surprised both me and my roommate.  Was it lingering in the back of my mind from reading about medieval phrases?  Who knows but I will say that the phrase holds a whole new meaning to me now.

Enjoy! from your Faithful Scribe, Linda
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