Arts & Crafts ~ Medieval Style & Phrases and Origins too!

Good eventide to you all!

Let’s bake some bread.  Please visit for a medieval recipe that can be used today.  Scroll up to the top of the page for some interesting facts about medieval breads.

Bread was a staple in medieval households.  It was either baked at home or purchased from the local baker.  Now buying from your local baker could empty your coin purse fast because many bakers were dishonest.  Because bread was a staple, bakers begin charging overly much for bread and cheating the public.  It got to the point where the public outcry reached the king and a law was levied that bakers were to stop cheating or face the penalties.  In order to be on the safe side of the law bakers began adding an extra loaf bringing the number of loaves to 13 or A Baker’s Dozen.  To read up on the origin of the phrase please visit .

Enjoy! from your Faithful Scribe, Linda
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