St. Brigid’s Cross ~ Arts & Crafts Medieval Style

Good eventide to you all!

How would you like to make a cross?  St. Brigid’s Cross to be exact.  Here’s a nice easy-to-follow video.  Please go to

Brigid of Kildare is an Irish saint that lived around the middle of the 5th century.  Next to St. Patrick who baptized her she is considered one of Ireland’s greatest saints.  It is believed that St Brigid made the cross while seating at the bedside of a dying man.   His household was Christian and wanted him to give his life over to Christ before dying.  When St. Brigid arrived at his house he was delirious and unreachable.  Impossible to quite, she reached down and began to fashion a cross from the floor rushes.  After some time the man quieted and asked what she was doing.  When he saw the cross and heard Jesus’ story he gave his life to Christ.  Her feast day is February 1st and the St. Brigid Cross is made and hung over doorways to prevent fire from consuming the house.  Please visit Wikipedia at’s_cross  to see a picture of the cross and read a wee bit more about one of Ireland’s patron saints. 

Enjoy! from your Faithful Scribe, Linda
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