Halloween Costumes ~ Arts & Crafts Medieval Style

Good eventide to you all!

 September is all but half over and before we know it Halloween will be a-knocking.  Whether you need a costume for yourself to wear to a party or to wear when taking your kids to a party or maybe it’s a costume for your kids, our favorite time in history offers way too many choices.  TMC’s time period is from 476 A.D. to 1603 A.D.–that’s a lot of clothing changes!  I thought it would be fun to offer suggestions and provide links to websites that could help.  After doing a wee bit of research to find a few good ones I decided that I couldn’t do it all in one blog without turning the blog into a thesis!  Sooo…  I’m going to be blogging about costumes during the next week or so. 

 To begin, let’s start with what may be the easier patterns to find.  Those from Simplicity, Butterick, McCall and Vogue that are found in fabric stores.  These are great for those of you who are not interested in a historically accurate costume.  And don’t think you will have to pay full price for a pattern because just about every fabric store today has their patterns on sale for very little.  Nor does the fabric have to cost a lot.  Try going to upholstery fabric stores.  They always seem to have fabric on sale.  Or, outlet fabric stores if you live near a big city.  Instead of surfing the web try surfing your yellow pages.  Take the kids and made an outing of it to find just the right medieval costume for everyone in your family.

 No links tonight—just tips.  Next I will direct you to some great links for making

 Have fun! from your Faithful Scribe, Linda
Publisher of www.TheMedievalChronicle.com

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