Medieval Russia – TMC introduces a new column

hello everyone!

TMC is proud to introduce a new column And the Past Came Knocking…  It’s here you will find articles that were published in the 1990s when TMC was in hard copy.  Our first author is Miriam Minger and her article was contributed to correspond with her publication of The Pagan’s Prize.  It’s a wee bit of information from the tons she gathered during her research on medieval Russia. 

Enjoy! from your Faithful Scribe, Linda
Publisher of

One Response to “Medieval Russia – TMC introduces a new column”

  1. Lauri Rawlins-Betta Says:

    A few years ago I picked up a paperback from the turnstile in our local library and it was probably one of the best books I could have picked…Dissolution by C. J. Sansom leads one through the 1500’s with Matthew Shardlake, working with Thomas Cromwell during the Inquisition. The descriptions of London and England are so real as Matthew wanders through England on his journeys. These mysteries are not only though provoking, but filled with history.
    His following books, Dark Fire, Sovereign, Revelation, and Heartstone, are all well-written mysteries to keep you reading into the wee hours…I recommend them to anyone who is interested in England 1500s.

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