Catherine of Aragon & the Passages exhibit

Good eventide to you all,

FANTASTIC news regarding the exhibit Passages and their statement that Catherine of Aragon returned to Spain and died there.  This incorrect information is being changed and history will be stated as it happened!  YEA!!!

To bring everyone up-to-date…

I found out that the exhibit isn’t part of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.  The only part that they play is in renting the space to the family that owns the artifacts and put the entire exhibit together.  This was a big relief to learn that a highly respected museum would not make this kind of mistake and initially refuse to correct it.  I want to thank the family for doing what is right and making the correction.  As I said before, people who go to museums need to know that what they hear and see there is correct to the best of the exhibits knowledge.

The curator I spoke to told me that others complained about the “re-writing of history” but that he believes my email was the turning point because I was the only one who presented historical facts to back up my belief that the information was wrong and that I also offered to put them in touch with scholars both here and in England.  He said that my presentation was both nice and professionally written.  Score one for keeping a level head about myself!  I stepped out of my comfort zone, stood my ground and it paid off!

Here’s what will be done.  The owners of the exhibit say they can’t change the lifelike animatronic figure of Anne Boleyn’s taped voice (I don’t know why because Disneyland does it all the time, but I digress.) Here comes an even better correction in my opinion.  They will be placing a plaque next to her stating that what she says about Catherine of Aragon returning to Spain is incorrect and that Catherine lived out her life in England and died in England.  I’m paraphrasing but the curator assured me that it will be to that effect and in a place for all to see. 

Having your support gave me the courage to keep going until I found someone who would not only listen but who could make the necessary changes.  Thank you.

From your Faithful Scribe, Linda
Publisher of

2 Responses to “Catherine of Aragon & the Passages exhibit”

  1. Susan Higginbotham Says:


  2. bosomfriends Says:

    I am so so so proud of you, Linda! The Greatest Champion just now might be you.

    Nan H

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