TMC’s next issue is due August 20th

Good eventide everyone!

 And it is indeed a good eventide because since Thursday evening until Sunday morning I was in “pain hell”.  Please allow me to explain.

I went to the dentist on Wednesday to get what I thought was going to be a fitting for a crown.  Once the dentist got inside my mouth he found I needed a root canal. Thursday at work was good but come Thursday night the pain started and by Friday I was in the aforementioned hell!!  The dentist gave me some antibiotics which took nearly 48 hours to really kick in and once they did and the pain was all but gone I got a headache that had me out of it for most of the rest of the weekend.  I cut back on the antibiotics today (Sunday) and am praying that the infection is gone and I don’t have to go back on them full strength.  I wasn’t suppose to cut back but the headache was almost as bad as the pain and I needed some relief. 

Why am I sharing my “pain hell” story you ask.  Because this issue of TMC was scheduled to be published August 7th but it’s going to be August 20th or so before I will have it ready.  The forthcoming articles are—as always—wonderful and ones you don’t want to miss. 

To anyone who has ever had a root canal my condolences and to those who haven’t, I pray that you never do. 

from your Faithful Scribe, Linda
Publisher of

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