TMC’s next issue is here!

Good eventide to you all!

 The latest issue of The Medieval Chronicle is now ready for your enjoyment.  FINALLY! 
You’ll find it at

As always, this issue is filled with wonderful articles that are not only entertaining but educational.  The three articles that are being presented at this time are some of the best that TMC has published.

Beginning with this issue TMC will no longer be publishing on a bi-monthly basis but instead will be publishing fewer articles each issue.  The hope is to have new and interesting articles coming on a more regular basis.  (Also, this new schedule should work much better with my day job!) 

On the home page’s scroll you’ll see two articles listed that will be published in the coming weeks. The first, written by Anita Gordon, is a fantastic account of The Daily Life of the Choir Monks and Cistercian Sign Language.  I am still working on the layout and design so as to do justice to the wealth of information she has given us.  The other article which is the Feature article entitled The Gutenberg Press should be ready for publication towards the end of this month.

 Enjoy! from your Faithful Scribe, Linda
Publisher of

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