LionHeart by Sharon Kay Penman & her article at TMC about Ingeborg, Queen of France

Good eventide to you all!

 TMC is proud to present an article by Sharon Kay Penman entitled A Captive Queen.  In 1193 Ingeborg, sister of the Danish King Cnut VI was betrothed to Philippe Capet, King of France.  Learn about her marriage and her fight for her rights as Queen as Philippe announces once the wedding ceremony was done that the marriage was over and he would have it annulled.  Go to where you will find A Captive Queen at the bottom of the scroll (click on the title).

 Sharon’s book LionHeart will be in stores October 4th.  As the Third Crusade comes to life on the page, Sharon takes us to the Holy Land and into the world of Richard the Lionheart and Saladin.  We will also journey to England as John, Richard’s youngest brother, tries to steal his crown.  October 4th can’t get here fast enough for me!

 I love Autumn–it’s my favorite time of the year–and it’s finally come to Oklahoma!  Here’s hoping that you can say the same about where you live.

 From your Faithful Scribe, Linda
publisher of

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