TMC’s Holiday 2011 Issue is here!

Good day to you all,

 Can you believe it?  The holiday season is upon us once again.  It seems like only yesterday… 

 Because of all that has happened since this summer and my not being able to publish as scheduled, I have chosen to call this issue the Holiday issue.  It’s a wonderful issue filled with articles I know you will enjoy.  Currently, there are three new articles:

  • St. Bernardine of Siena by Denise Domning (And the Saints Go Marching…)
  • Advent at the Monastery by Anita Gordon  (The Cistercians)
  • Battle of Clontarf by Nan Hawthorne  (And With Time Came Change…)
    Sharon Kay Penman’s Feature article is still available on this issue’s home page.

 Next weekend I will be publishing A Day in an Animal’s Life… by Nela Leja.  Nela has also written a special Christmas article that you don’t want to miss.  It’ll be published very soon.

 My brother’s passing has been hard but your thoughtful emails and comforting words have helped more than you will ever know.  Thank you.

 From all of us at TMC, may this holiday season be filled with joy, peace and love,
Linda, Anita, Denise, Nan and Nela

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