TMC presents new articles!

Good day to you all,

  To begin 2012, TMC is making a few changes.  Nothing drastic.  Just a few enhancements, if you will.  We feel that in so doing we will be able to bring you more articles in a timelier matter.  So here goes…

 The Village News scroll on the home page is now–more than before–your guide to the most current articles.  New articles will have the word NEW next to the title.  Forthcoming articles will have a date when they will be published.  During the month of February I will be introducing a few more new changes.  The goal is to make going from one page to the next as easy and stress free as possible.  I know all too well what it’s like to be on a website and lose track of your place and not be able to find it again.  No fun!

 This time you will find two NEW articles:

  • And with Time Came Change… highlights Malta by Nan Hawthorne
  • A Day in an Animal’s Life… highlights The Lynx & Amber by Nela Leja

 Forthcoming in January and February:

  • Keeper of the Realm by Linda Abel
  • And the Saints Go Marching… by Denise Domning

 TMC is proud to announce that the forthcoming Feature Article this time will be by Shelly Thacker.  Shelly, a National Bestselling Author of historical and paranormal romance says, “I’m celebrating an exciting new chapter in my career: I’ve joined the digital revolution as an indie [independent] author. I’ll be publishing my entire backlist and all my future work as e-books.”  I met Shelly at a writer’s conference shortly after she published her first book in 1991.  It’s wonderful to have her return to TMC and the publishing world.

 Don’t know if I mentioned it yet but I got a B&N Nook Tablet for Christmas.  I will admit I have been a holdout for quite awhile because I do love ‘holding a book’. But after three days of reading on the Nook, I’m hooked!  The ability to set the font size, the back-lighting, check on the definition of a word, highlight an area I wish to return too…  the list goes on.  I will never lose my love to hold a book be it hard cover or soft but I am now–most definitely–part of the book world’s digital age.  And happy to be here!   Oh, some great news… I downloaded to my Nook TMC’s PDF and they, too, have all the capabilities I mentioned previously.  Needless to say, I was thrilled!!

From your Faithful Scribe, Enjoy!
Linda, Publisher of The Medieval


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