Silchester ~ a Pre-Conquest Britain Ghost Town

Good day to you all,
If you have ever visited a ghost town you know what our medieval ancestors felt like when they arrived in Silchester. They found a way of life unknown to them and probably wondered why that way of life was not passed down through the centuries.  I know I certainly would have been!  As Anita Gordon writes in her Feature Article Silchester “…the Romans incorporated an underground sewer system that flushed with water” and that “…inhabitants enjoyed homes with heated floors”.  How many of us have heated floors today much less having them in 70-80 A.D.?  Today the University of Reading in south-east England has a research and training excavation called The Silchester Town Life Project.  I’ve linked to their website at the end of Anita’s article.

If you haven’t yet read And With Time Came Change… or A Day in an Animal’s Life… or And the Saints Go Marching…  I invite you to do so.  Our column authors always give us wonderful articles filled with content to get us thinking and quite often saying “I didn’t know that!”.

Take care and Enjoy! from all of us here at TMC,
Linda Abel, Publisher,



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