About The Medieval Chronicle

The Medieval Chronicle Newsletter was first published in the 1990s as a hard copy distributed through snail mail!  Today TMC is back and on the web.  You can find us at  http://www.themedievalchronicle.com/ . 

Please don’t be mislead by the newsletter’s name because more than just the medieval period is covered.  You’ll be able to read articles, find newly released books and learn about life in  476AD through the Elizabethan Age which ended in 1603AD.  Go to http://www.themedievalchronicle.com/what-is-the-medieval-period.html  to read more about this timeline.

The adventure begins here with a newsletter for all lovers of medieval historical fiction, medieval mysteries, medieval romances and medieval non-fiction.  Visit http://www.themedievalchronicle.com/what-my-subs-gives-me.html  and find out what your subscription gives you.  Visit TMC’s Village News at http://www.themedievalchronicle.com/Village_News_pg_JanFeb2010.html to preview all the articles.  Connect with others who love these periods in time as much as you do.

You won’t be disappointed.

Looking forward to see you at The Medieval Chronicle.
from your Faithful Scribe, Linda

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