A Medieval Christmas Story ~ Lord of Misrule

The Medieval Chronicle has a special Christmas story for you and yours!

Denise Domning has written a very heartwarming medieval Christmas story for The Medieval Chronicle that I’m sure you’ll all enjoy.  Entitled Lord of Misrule, we find Pippin, a young squire, away from home for the first time.   Missing his family and friends, Pippin soon discovers that he need not feel lonely because his new home at Christmastide offers a world of wonder, fun and new family and friends.  I invite you to sit back, get comfy/cozy and experience Christmas in England in the Year of Our Lord 1210. 

The story is presented in a user-friendly PDF file that you can print out and read at your leisure.  Feel free to share Pippin’s story with friends and family.  And while doing so, invite them to visit www.TheMedievalChronicle.com, preview the wonderful articles and all that The Medieval Chronicle has to offer.

To read Pippin’s Christmas story go to http://www.themedievalchronicle.com/index_NovDec2009.html  and scroll down to the bottom left-hand corner to read Pippin’s story.

 Happy ‘Medieval’ Holidays,
Until next time from your faithful scribe,

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