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Kings & Queens of England & Scotland ~ Books of Interest

March 29, 2010

It’s Monday!

Have I mentioned TMC is moving?  Well, we are and not just an across town move but out-of-state.  Had movers in to give an estimate and asked them to price out my books separately simply because I was curious.  Seems I have approx. 2000 to 2500 lbs of books.  OH MY GOSH!!!  The good news is the moving estimate was reasonable and I don’t think I will have to give any books to the library. 

I always put aside several of my go-to books to be packed last.  One is The Kings & Queens of England & Scotland  by Plantagenet Somerset Fry.  This is the book I use when I want a brief history of the monarchy or a timeline.  Plus, the pictures provide great visuals to get ye olde mind to wondering!  The Amazon link is 

I’ll be sharing more with you as I continue my journey into ‘moving hell’!

From your Faithful Scribe, Linda
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Daily Life in Medieval Times – An all time favorite reference book

March 24, 2010

Good eventide to you!

I was invited to contribute to an article written about medieval life for a magazine and I found myself going to one of my all time favorite resources: the books written by Frances and Joseph Gies.  If you aren’t familiar with the books please go to your nearest bookstore (on-line or by foot) and check them out.  They are wonderful accounts written in an easy to read style that will have you forgetting your reading a reference book.  Just recently I found the book Daily Life in Medieval Times by the Gies and published by Barnes & Noble Books.  It combines three of their books: Life in a Medieval Castle, Life in a Medieval Village and Life in a Medieval City.  It’s an oversized book with lots and lots of color pictures.  Don’t we all love picture books?! 

Enjoy! from your faithful Scribe, Linda
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