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Pillars of the Earth movie update

June 30, 2010

Good day to you all!

Pillars of the Earth – the movie – is still on schedule and will air on Starz beginning July 23rd.  It’s a miniseries and therefore will be shown in parts.  Please visit the official website at 

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Robin Hood the movie

June 2, 2010

Good eventide to you all!

Saw Robin Hood the movie and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it.  True, they changed history a wee bit–no, a lot–but the historical settings themselves were true to history.  Even to the “less than easy crossing” shall we say, of the channel.  And did you see the rushes on the castle floor? I also thought that they portrayed the people from history as I imagine them to be.  Especially King John and William Marshal.  Also, Queen Eleanor was true to form.  This telling of the Robin Hood legend is one I have never heard before and I liked it.  I really enjoyed the way they portrayed Marion as a noble woman who did what she had to do to protect and care for her people and her lands. 

I’m looking forward to when it comes out on DVD so I can watch it again.

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