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The latest issue of The Medieval Chronicle is here!

June 6, 2011

good eventide to you all!

The latest issue of The Medieval Chronicle is now ready for your enjoyment.  You’ll find it at

 As always, this issue is filled with wonderful articles that are not only entertaining but educational.  I am so honored that the authors who write for TMC do so with such passion for their topic.  Because of them TMC continues to not only grow but to get better and better.

 I have already started the PDF version and should have it available by next weekend.  I know how many of you prefer to print out the articles.  Please take note that I’ve linked many terms, books, illustrations, etc this time.  I don’t want you to miss out on the extras that bring the articles to life.

From all of us at TMC, take care, and enjoy!


Sept/Oct 2010 issue of TMC is here!

September 21, 2010

Good day to you!

The September/October 2010 issue of The Medieval Chronicle is here.  This issue begins our 2nd year on the internet and with this issue, everything is FREE!   

Do come and visit.  You’ll be happy you did!

Enjoy! from your Faithful Scribe, Linda
Publisher of

TMC’s 2nd year on the web begins Sept 22nd ~ watch for it

September 8, 2010

Good eventide to you all,

Have you ever decided to re-invent the wheel in midstream?  You know you have a wonderful thing going but why not make it even better?  Hence my re-invention of The Medieval Chronicle.  Only problem was I had three days left before publication date (September 7th) and a mountain to climb to get ‘said’ wheel looking like I wanted it to.  Deep sigh…  The solution?  Stop treating TMC as a hard copy newsletter and start treating it as website.  A place where information can be updated on a whim and the latest news can be inserted any time—day and night. 

The siege is on (it’s me against web design and I am winning!) and come September 22nd TMC will begin its second year on the web better than ever!  When you open the September/October 2010 issue the look and ease of movement is still there.  What has changed are the kinds of articles and their presentation and the addition of fun information.

 So let’s jump in and find out what I’m working on. 

First, you’ll find Feature articles that will be written by authors whose books are new releases; recurring Columns that you can’t help but get involved in and look forward to issue after issue; a new column entitled And the Past Came Knocking… that will bring back articles from TMC’s hard copy publication days and least I forget, the much requested Medieval Books Abound is still here.  Previewing of the articles has gone away because TMC is now free to all!  Your Village News scroll will now send you directly to the article you wish to read.  I still will be offering the PDF printable version of TMC because I know that many of you like to print it out and read at your leisure.  Some of the links on the left-hand side are gone—for now, at least.  They may return if I decide to revamp the pages.  Or, they may not. 

 Now’s a great time to add your voice to the design.  Email me and let me know what you would like to see added and I’ll do my best to accommodate. 

September 22nd is the first day of autumn and since autumn is my favorite season (I dearly love the autumn leaves and the cool crisp air) I thought it would be a perfect day to begin TMC’s second year.

 See you on the 22nd,

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The Medieval Chronicle’s July/August 2010 issue is here!

July 9, 2010

Good eventide everyone!

The July/August 2010 issue of The Medieval Chronicle is here!  I invite you to check it out at

Enjoy! from your Faithful Scribe, Linda
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May/June issue of TMC is here!

May 4, 2010

Good eventide,

The May/June issue of TMC is here.  Check it out at

Enjoy! from your Faithful Scribe, Linda
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The Medieval Chronicle’s March/April 2010 issue is here!

March 8, 2010

Good morrow to you!

You’re invited to stop by The Medieval Chronicle’s website at and check out the March/April 2010 issue.  It’s loaded with great articles. 

Enjoy! from your faithful Scribe, Linda
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Jan/Feb 2010 issue is out!

January 8, 2010

good morrow everyone!

The January / February 2010 issue is here!  Please check it out at   There are great articles and loads of new book releases.

Happy Friday from your faithful scribe, Linda

November/December 2009 issue of TMC is here!

November 4, 2009

Good morrow to you!

The November/December 2009 issue of The Medieval Chronicle is here!  Please visit at

There are some wonderful articles.  And, Medieval Books Abound has loads of new releases listed for the months of November / December.